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Fic: A Measure of Relief

Title: A Measure of Relief
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Warnings:  oral, PWP...srsly, the most PWP thing I have ever written
Spoilers: none
Word Count: ~ 800
Author notes: Evil porn plot bunny, didn't want to let go. Written for deancaskink, link to prompt at the bottom because LJ is fucking with me big time.

A Measure of Relief

The air in the room is hot, almost solid with the humidity and heat of summer nighttime. The old air conditioning whirrs and chirps, making more noise than doing any real work. Dean can feel droplets of sweat rolling slowly down his back, sometimes dripping down on the stale carpet, sometimes rolling into the crack of his ass and tickling. It doesn’t matter; it’s not enough to break his focus. All he cares about is the smooth glide of Cas against his lips, the salty bursts of precome sliding down his tongue, the minute vibrations he feels as his hands press Cas’ hips against the wall, the only tell of the angel’s effort to keep it soft and gentle. In every quiver, he can feel Cas’ desire to ram his cock down his throat, and Dean secretly revels in it. He feels almighty and empowered, because with his human mouth, with his tongue and teeth and hands he can reduce an Angel of the Lord to a trembling, whimpering mess. He doesn’t care about blasphemy and getting struck with divine wrath. God is gone and doesn’t care, so Dean can deprave his own personal angel as much as he pleases, and fuck, does he please. Every moan, every broken utter of his name that tears off from Cas’ lips fuels the fire burning low in Dean’s belly. He is hot, incandescent with love and adoration and the need to show Cas every single small thing that can bring him pleasure and wring all those obscene and beautiful sounds from his mouth.

Dean swivels his tongue in a figure eight and scrapes his teeth lightly, oh so lightly on the sensitive cluster of nerves below the head; Cas rewards him with a choked off cry and his hands settle on Dean’s head, slow, gentle, petting, not tugging, and for a moment Dean needs it to be rough, and violent, Cas’ fingers twisting his hair, forcing him to stay while that thick red cock shoves deep and hard with no mercy. Cas, however, has other ideas. His hands just rake through Dean’s hair, never tugging hard enough to hurt, just tracing the shape of his skull, taking detours to dip in the hollow of his neck and to hook behind his ears. As Dean takes Cas deeper, trying not to gag and to keep his tongue moving, Cas’ hands migrate to his face, slowly stroking his brow as if he was a feverish child. As Dean works his head back and forth, corkscrewing slightly and cataloguing every moan and twitch, those hands continue their gentle journey, as if unaffected by the frenzy of lust that consumes their owner. Even as Cas throws his head back and finally allows himself to thrust shallowly, his fingers wrap around Dean’s jaw from both sides and his thumbs lightly massage his jaw hinge, feeling the subtle movement and taking away some of the tension from the repetitive movements. One of those thumbs slides lower to his cheek and Dean turns his head, allowing Cas to feel his cock moving in Dean’s mouth; a high-pitched keen is all the warning Dean gets before Cas loses it completely and starts thrusting for real, sliding down Dean’s throat. His hand wraps lightly against Dean’s windpipe and feels the muscle contracting around his cock and that’s it, Cas is slamming his head back into the wall with a force that would concuss a human being and emptying his load down Dean’s gullet, moaning and uttering words no angel should ever have a reason to say. Dean swallows around the twitching cock lodged in his throat and feels Castiel’s hands moving to trace his lips where they are still stretched, a bit of come dribbling from the corner. He can feel the scent of Cas’ come seeping into his skin and he has some perverse liking for the feeling that he will be able to taste and smell him hours after he’s gone, another reminder besides the ache in his neck and the rasp in his voice.

Finally, Cas pulls his softening cock out of Dean’s mouth and slides down gracefully to his own knees to kiss his taste from Dean’s lips. Tongues tangle in a filthy dance that drips with saliva, semen, love and desperation. Dean’s own cock is throbbing almost painfully in his jeans, but he resists the urge to touch himself. He knows Cas will take care of him; they take care of each other in whatever fucked-up way the world allows them, and it has to be enough. It is more than either of them has ever had, and if God has any opposition to a fallen human and a fallen angel taking pleasure in each other’s flesh, he can go fuck himself. They might go down burning, but they will go together.

Written for this prompt  at deancaskink

Vid: Castiel - Walking in My Shoes

Song Title: Castiel-Walking in My Shoes
Artist: Depeche Mode
Pairings: sort ot Dean/Cas
Warnings: None really

I started working on this right after the season finale aired; I was surprised when I couldn't find any similar videos on youtube, because in my head, this is THE song for Cas' situation.

Mar. 3rd, 2011

Title: The Better Medicine

Pairing: Dean/Castiel pre-slash

Rating: PG-13 (language)

Warnings: none

Spoilers: none

Word Count: 2200

Notes: This was written for deancastiel 's Everlasting Birthday Challenge for talli_approved.

I only had a day to write this, so if it feels rushed, the reason is that is was rushed. Ironically, it turned out that I had to take care of my own flu patient today, more specifically a cranky five-year-old, so yeah... :-) talli_approved, Happy Birthday and I hope this is what you were looking for!

Prompt: Dean gets sick and Castiel awkwardly takes care of him—he gets the hang of it in the end and they realize some feelings for each other.

Summary: Dean hates being sick; even more he hates people hovering and trying to take care of him. At least, he thought he did…

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Fic: Fact or Fiction?

Title: Fact or Fiction? (where Dean isn’t being Jealous at All)

Author: nightflyer42  

Rating: R

Length: ~3000

Warnings: Season 6 spoilers, language, mild sexual situations

Summary: Written for d_hearts_c , prompt #58:  Dean doesn't care about those smutty and/or sickeningly sweet slash fics about him and Cas or Destiel or whatever-the-fuck-it's-called. Really, he doesn't. So what's with the irrational anger he feels when he discovers 'Meg/Cas,' 'Balthazar/Cas,' and--good God!-'Sassy,' especially when the three pairings are gaining popularity and giving Dean/Cas some serious competition? Besides, those pairings are definitely baseless... right?

A/N: These are my excuses: first SPN fic, haven’t written in a while, English isn’t my first language. Also, commas are my personal special Hell, the bad kind of special Hell, so I apologize profusely for my atrocious punctuation. Also, I don't mean to bash any pairings; all opinions expressed are strictly Dean's :-)
On to the fic...Collapse )